8 de novembro de 2018

Exercícios com respostas - SHOULD e OUGHT TO

1. Match the correct advice to each sentence.

a) It's raining.
b) I'm tired.
c) It's my birthday.
d) I'm worried about this test.
e) My tooth hurts.
f) My phone is ringing.
g) It's important information.
h) It smells strange.

(d) You shouldn't think about it.
(g) You should remember it.
(a) You should take an umbrella.
(e) You ought to see a dentist.
(f) You should answer it.
(h) You shouldn't eat it.
(b) You should not work so hard.
(c) You should buy a nice cake.

2. Complete the sentences using should and the verbs: buy, come, eat, give, kiss, meet, open, say.

a) Guests should come late to parties in Switzerland.
b) You should buy flowers for women on 8 March in Romania.
c) In Ukraine, you should meet guests with bread and salt.
d) If you get a present in Thailand, you should open it at home.
e) When you answer the phone in Germany, you should say your name.
f) In Belgium, friends should kiss three times when they meet.
g) Guests should eat everything on their plate in Bolivia.
h) If you have a house party in New Zealand, you should give a key to guests.

3. Give advice in the following situations using should or ought to.

a) You are always tired in the mornings.
You should go to bed early. 

b) Your neighbor plays loud music at night.
You should play loud music too!

c) You have nothing nice to wear to a party.
You should borrow a dress from your sister.

d) You don't know what to buy your father for his birthday.
You should ask him what he wants.

e) You are waiting for a friend but he is very late.
You should go home.

f) There are mice in your house.
You shouldn't worry about it.

g) You want to be a pop star.
You should find a good manager.

h) Your mum says you can't go to the party.
You ought to do what she says.

4. What advice would you give to tourists coming to your country? Write six sentences using should, shouldn't or ought to. 

Example: You ought to come in summer.

Possible answers:
You ought to come in summer.
Tourists shouldn't stay in expensive hotels.
People should always say 'Please' and 'Thank you'.
You ought to travel on our beautiful trams.
You shouldn't go out after 22.00.
Tourists shouldn't forget to bring sun cream.

5. Circle the correct option.

a) Children should ________  in the bus, so that older people can sit down.
stand up - standing up  - to stand up

b) You ________ wear a hat in somebody's house.
don't should - shouldn't - not should

c) _________ take off my shoes in the house?
Should I - Do I should - I should

d) When a man meets another man, he _________ his hand.
should shakes - should shake - should to shake

e) You ________ a thank-you email for the present.
should to write - ought to wrote - ought to write

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