29 de dezembro de 2018

Erros comuns em inglês com a palavra ABANDON

Since capital punishment was abandoned, the crime rate has increased. X
Since capital punishment was abolished, the crime rate has increased.

abandon = give up a plan, activity or attempt to do something, without being successful
Bad weather forced them to abandon the search.
Without government support, the project will have to be abandoned.

abolish = remove a law, tradition or system, often by introducing a new law; do away with
In which year was slavery abolished in the United States?
I'd hate to see the monarchy abolished.

It is difficult to reach abandoned places such as small country villages. X
It is difficult to reach remote places such as small country villages. 

abandoned = left forever by the owners or occupiers
The field was littered with abandoned cars.
Some of these old abandoned coal mines could be dangerous.

remote = far away and difficult to reach
The tribe lives in a small remote mountain village.
We have now managed to bring famine relief to people in even the most remote areas.

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