14 de julho de 2019

Asking the way and giving directions exercises

Warm up 
Which building is ...

1. opposite the post office?
2. next to the cinema?
3. opposite the supermarket?
4. next to the sports centre? ...

You are at the Tourist Information Centre. Match the questions with the directions.

1. Excuse me, where's the bus station?
2. Excuse me, where's the library?
3. Excuse me, where's the sports centre?

a) Go left. Then turn right. It's on the left in Slade Road. It's next to the cinema.
b) Go right. Take the first left. Go straight on. It's on the right,
c) Go right. Go straight on, Take the second left. It's on the right in Howard Street.

Excuse me, where's the train station?
Go left. Take the first left. Go straight on.
Take the second right.
Take the first left. It's on the right.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.

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