Inglês - Texto pequeno com verbos no passado (exercício de leitura - sequência da história)

Escrever na lousa os verbos que aparecem no texto.
Trabalhar os significados e as formas verbais.
Fazer uma leitura coletiva em voz alta.
Fazer a correção coletiva lendo a história mais de uma vez com os alunos.


Ready for School
Tara could hardly wait for school to start. Mom drove her to the store to buy school supplies. They bought pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue. When Tara got home, she wrote her name on all of her supplies. She put them in a paper sack. The next day, Tara went to school, but the principal told her and the other children to go back home. A water leak had flooded the building. Oh no! Tara would have to wait another whole week!


Number the pictures in the order that they happened in the story.
Sequencing means putting the events in a story in the order they happened. 

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