24 de julho de 2019

Passado em inglês - Texto pequeno para interpretação


As the ship sailed close to the little island, the pirates could see palm trees and hot, yellow sand.
‘The treasure’s here!’ shouted Cut-throat Kacey, ‘I can see the cross marked out in the sand.’ 
The pirates threw their spades into the jolly boat, then rowed like mad towards the island. Suddenly, a giant octopus shot out of the water in front of them. It looked very angry. The creature’s tentacles picked the boat out of the water and held it up in mid-air. The pirates were terrified.
‘Steal my treasure, would you?’ hissed the octopus. Then it tossed the boat high into the sky. Up the boat went, up, up, up into space.
And that is where the pirates still float, in their not-very-jolly boat.


1. Who was on the ship?
2. What did the pirates hope to find on the island?
3. How did they know where the treasure was buried on the island?
4. Did the pirates land on the island?
5. Who did the octopus think the treasure belonged to?
6. What did the octopus do to the pirates and why?


1. What would you do if a giant octopus picked you up?

2. Imagine you are one of the pirates circling the earth in your jolly boat. How would you spend your time?

3. If you were one of the pirates, what would you do to get back to Earth?

4. Imagine that the pirates get back to Earth and get hold of the treasure. Make a list of things they find inside the treasure chest.

5. Brainstorm lots of words to describe the octopus. Do the same for the pirates.

6. Imagine you are the octopus. Write a story about how you got the treasure and why you buried it!

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