16 de julho de 2019

Poema em inglês - Atividade de leitura

The Poem of the Pea

Read this poem about a famous princess who couldn’t fall asleep. Find and mark the 10 spelling errors.

The princess lett out a sad, sad sigh.
For though her bed was stacked 19 mattresses hi,
She found she couldn’t sleep.
Even if she cownted sheep,
Her bed just felt sew lumpy.
She was geting very grumpy!
So she jumped doun from her mattress stack,
And she looked for whatevr was hurting her back.
She exspected to find her long lost doll.
If she found a whole dollhouse, it wouldn’t shok her at all.
But what did the princess’s weary eyes see?
She was being keept awake by just one tiny pea!


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