14 de julho de 2019


Level: Intermediate (equivalent to CEF level B1)
Aim: A communicative game to review and practice phrasal verbs.
Preparation: Make one copy of a worksheet for each student.

1. Students first review phrasal verbs by matching the verbs to the appropriate particles.
2. In pairs student then write a short story about a journey which uses all of the phrasal verbs in the first activity.
3. When they have finished writing, put the students in new pairs.
4. Before they read their stories out to their new partner, tell them that when they are reading, they should not say the verb in each phrasal verb, but only the particle.
Instead of the verb, they should say ‘banana’. For example “When I was walking in the town, I banana across an interesting building.” Their new partner has to guess the correct verb. If they guess correctly they get one point.
5. Students change roles and the other student guesses the missing verbs.
6. At the end the student in each pair with the most points wins.
7. To conclude you could ask one or two of your students to read their stories to the class.

Answers to exercise 1: 1f, 2h, 3c, 4a, 5e/i, 6d, 7e/i, 8b, 9g,
Variation: You can change the “magic word” (banana) to another funnier word more relevant to your particular group. This will increase the fun factor of this game and help create a better learning environment in your class.

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