23 de fevereiro de 2020

Intermediate READING exercise to improve FLUENCY (A Restaurant for Change)

A Restaurant for Change

Jamie Oliver wants to change peoples' lives and he is using food to do it. Oliver, a chef, is well-known for sharing his secrets of cooking healthy food through his magazine, cookbooks, and television shows. He is also changing lives through his Italian restaurant, Fifteen. 

Fifteen started in London, England, as a place to train young adults to work in a kitchen. Oliver's idea was to create a professional kitchen that can help young people get a fresh start and a chance to become professional chefs.

Every September, a new group of 18- to 24-year-olds start work at Fifteen. When they start, they are usually not qualified for a restaurant job, but that will change quickly. In the 12 months of training, the student chefs study cooking at college and get hands-on training at the restaurant. Besides learning kitchen skills, they learn the importance of using fresh ingredients and how to create their own recipes. And their education doesn't stop with preparing and serving food. The students also learn how to manage money and deal with difficult customers. Overall, the program encourages them to believe in themselves and enables them to look forward to a future in the restaurant business.

The restaurant's name, Fifteen, comes from the number of students the restaurant had when it started in 2002. Today, Oliver has three of these restaurants, and a few hundred students have finished the program. Around 90 percent of the graduates are still working in the food industry. Some own restaurants or work in some of the best kitchens around the world. Others are now starring in their own TV shows. They're all great examples of what young 30 people can do if they're given the opportunity and support. 

Choose the correct answers for the following questions.

1. Jamie Oliver ______ the Fifteen restaurant.
a) is a chef at
b) is the owner of
c) was a student at

2. Oliver uses Fifteen to help young people ______
a) eat healthy food 
b) find jobs 
c) become rich

3. Number these events (1-4) in the order they happen.
a __ The student chefs graduate from their training.
b __ The student chefs get hands-on training at a top restaurant.
c __ In September, a new group of 18- to 24-year-olds start work.
d __ The student chefs use their training to find jobs. 

4. Answer the following questions. 
a) How would you encourage someone to speak English?
b) What things do you find in a kitchen?
c) What do you do to keep healthy?
d) What places do you know that serve good food?

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