30 de março de 2020

Reading online - Short story to spend some time (A2)

Are You a Spider?

Pat, Pam, and Pete are triplets. They like creepy, crawly things like bugs and worms. Today, they are searching for a spider.
“Let’s go find a spider,” said Pat. “We can look in the backyard. I think we can find a spider there.”
“But we don’t know what a spider looks like,” said Pam. “How big is it? What color is it? How will we know when we find one?”
The triplets searched all over the backyard. Pat found something on a bush. “Are you a spider?” she asked.
“No. I’m a grasshopper. I am an insect. I have six legs. A spider has eight legs,” answered a big brown grasshopper.
Pam found something under a pile of leaves. “Are you a spider?” she asked.
“No. I’m an ant. I am an insect. My body has three parts. A spider has two parts,” answered the tiny red ant.
Pete found something on a rose plant. “Are you a spider?” he asked.
“No. I’m a butterfly. I am an insect. I have wings. A spider doesn’t have wings,” answered the pretty orange butterfly.
The triplets met on the back porch. “Did you find a spider?” Pete asked his sisters.
“No, we didn’t. But we know a spider has eight legs and two body parts,” said Pam. “Did you find one?”
“No, but I know a spider doesn’t have wings,” said Pete. Just then, Pete saw something. “Look up there!” Pam and Pat looked up. In the corner of the porch roof was a big web. Hanging down from the web was a shiny black body. It had eight legs and two body parts. It did not have wings.
“It’s a spider!” shouted Pat with a grin. “I knew we would find a spider.”


1. Where did the triplets go to look for spiders?

2. What did they find? 
Pat, Pete and Pam ...

3. Where did the triplets find the spider?

4. How did they know it was a spider?

5. What kind of an animal is a grasshopper, an ant, and a butterfly?

6. What part of this story is make-believe?

7. What gets caught in the spider’s web? Circle the answer.

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