7 de junho de 2020

Atividade de inglês com o gênero infográfico ensino médio (versão do professor e do aluno)


1. Read this infographic with the following objectives in mind: 
  • to recognize physical activities;
  • to identify characteristics of infographics.
2. Answer the following questions about the infographic.
a) What is its purpose? 
To show that children and young people should be physically active and the activities they can do. 
Objetivo: Compreender globalmente o texto.

b) What do the items that are just below the title of the infographic show? 
The benefits of physical activities.
Objetivo: Fazer inferências. 

c) How long should people spend doing physical activity daily? 
At least 60 minutes.
Objetivo: Identificar informações explícitas no texto (compreensão seletiva). 

d) What kind of activity should be practiced three times a week? 
Activities to strengthen muscles and bones. 
Objetivo: Identificar informações explícitas no texto (compreensão seletiva). 

e) According to the text, what should be reduced? 
Lounging, that is, the time one passes idly.
Objetivo: Identificar informações explícitas no texto (compreensão seletiva). 

3. Read the infographic again and do the following.

a) Identify to whom the following sentences are addressed.
Objetivo: Identificar informações especifícas no texto (compreensão detalhada).
I. "Be physically active" Children and young people (5 - 18 years).
II. "Find ways to help all children and young people accumulate at least 60 minutes of physical activity everyday". Adults who know children and young people. 

b) "Spread activity throughout the day" means to practice activities 
Objetivo: Inferir sentido da frase no texto.
I. every day.
II. once a day.
II. all day long. x

c) In the sentence "Physical activity strengthens muscles and bones" the verb in bold means
Objetivo: Identificar sentido de palavra no texto.
I. harms. 
II. makes stronger. x
III. weakens.

d) Identify three verbs in the imperative in the text.
Objetivo: Identificar formas e usos do imperativo.
Be, spread, aim, include, sit, move, find.

e) What is the function of the verbs in the imperative form in the text? 
Objetivo: Identificar a função do imperativo.

I. To give orders.
II. To make suggestions. x
III. To formulate hypotheses.

3. Observe the images and the graphic elements in the infographic and do the following.
Objetivo: Relacionar linguagens verbal e não verbal. 

a) What do the image of confidence and social skills represent?
It represents an interaction between people. 

b) Explain why the image of a heart illustrates health and fitness. 
Because the heart can be associated with life.

c) How important are the visual elements to this infographic?
The images reinforce some physical activities and their benefits to children and young people and this helps readers relate the written text to the corresponding actions or icons. 

d) Some information is highlighted using larger letters in the text. What is the function of this graphic resource? 
To emphasize the most important information, drawing reader's attention to it. 

Referência: Beyond Words

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