Interpretação de texto em inglês - ensino médio (3ºano) Nível fácil

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Interpretação - ensino médio (3ºano) Nível difícil

Lara Croft

You may know of Lara Croft from the movie Tomb Raider. But the character Lara Croft was popular before the 2001 movie. In fact, Lara Croft is the main character in a video game. Introduced in 1996, Tomb Raider the video game was an instant hit. People liked this new character. She was strong, smart, and female - quite different from all the other male action heroes around at that time. Besides now appearing in movies, Lara Croft also has her own comic books series.

1. O texto é sobre
a) a famous movie star.
b) an adventure series.
c) a famous female hero.
d) a new video game.

2. De acordo com o texto, por que Tomb Raider foi um sucesso instantâneo?
a) The main character was different from heroes before.
b) There was a lot of action in the game.
c) The main hero was very smart.
d) There were many interesting heroes in the game.

3. Marque verdadeiro ou falso.
a) Lara Croft is very popular.
b) She is a real woman.
c) She has had a lot of success.
d) She has appeared in many different kinds of things. 

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