5 de maio de 2015

Modelo de Avaliação Simple Present


Exercícios sobre present simple e present continuous (ensino médio)
Exercícios sobre presente simples - 8ºano
Exercício de leitura em inglês - presente simples (básico) Ensino médio
Exercícios e texto com o verbo to be no presente
Exercícios simple present com respostas - (pre-intermediate)

1. Complete as sentenças usando os verbos no Simple Present. (Os verbos estão entre parênteses e quando for negativa estará indicado com a palavra “not”)
a) Pedro, Márcia, and Isabela always ________ (ask) a friend when they _________ (not/know) the meaning of a word.

b) Clara usually _______ (try) to guess the meaning of the words.

c) Rodrigo and Fabio always _______ (use) the dictionary to check the meaning of key words. Fabio also _______ (study) the spelling and the pronunciation of the new words.

d) Susana _______ (skip) the words she ________ (not/understand) but she never _______ (go) back to them later.

e) Bia ______ (guess) the meaning from the context, and Lucas often _______ (do) that, too. Lucas ______ (have) a good bilingual dictionary and he sometimes ________ (use) it to confirm his guesses.

f) Felipe and Eduardo _______ (write) the new words in their notebooks, and Camila ______ (write) lists too, but she also ________ (include) example sentences in her lists.

g) João Marcos ______ (use) the glossary in the textbook to check the meanings of new words, but he sometimes _______ (look) up the meaning of the new words in a dictionary.

2. Complete as sentenças usando um dos verbos: close, drink, live, open, speak.
a) Ann _______ German very well.
b) I never ______ coffee.
c) The swimming pool _____ at 9 o’clock and _____ at 18.30 every day.
d) My parents ______ in a very small flat.

3. Passe as frases abaixo para forma negativa e interrogativa.
a) He knows me.                              
b) Paul loves pop music.                               
c) I love you.
d) We play cards every week.          
e) She goes to school in the morning.           
f) He talks a lot.
g) Maria likes milk.                          
h) I go to the gym on Mondays and on Fridays.

4. Complete as frases com as formas do verbo TO BE: am/are/is/was/were
a) She ____ from Canada and I ____ from Brazil.
b) We _____ at school yesterday and today we ______ at home.
c) She _____ sick yesterday but today she _____ fine.
d) They ______  musicians.
e ) I ____ happy last night. 

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