1 de junho de 2015

Modelo de Prova de Inglês | Presente e Passado Simples e Contínuo e Leitura e Interpretação


HABILIDADES: H6 (Enem) – Utilizar os conhecimentos da LEM e de seus mecanismos como meio de ampliar as possibilidades de acesso a informações, tecnologias e culturas. Saber reconhecer, diferenciar e aplicar de forma adequada regras gramaticais, nesse caso, presente e passado simples e contínuo.

NOME: __________________________ Nº ________ SÉRIE _____   DATA____ / ____ /_____

Letter 1
Dear Maggie,
My younger brother just told us he’s been accepted to his first-choice university. Bobby is very smart. He’ll be the first person in our family to go to college. I got good grades in high school, too, but when I graduated I went into the family business instead of going to college. I enjoy my work, but sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision or not. Maybe I should have gone to college …
I can’t be happy for Bobby when I feel so jealous.
How can I get over this feeling?
-Bad Brother

Letter 2
Dear Maggie, ____________.
Bobby and I are high school seniors and have been dating for over two years. I’m mad that he made this decision without even telling me, and I feel hurt that he is going to be studying at a school that is almost 900 miles away!
I need to talk to Bobby about this, but what should I say? Please help me!
-Bobby’s Girl

Letter 3
Dear Maggie,
My son just announced that he is going away to school. Bobby is a good student, and I am very proud of him. Any college would be lucky to have him!
My only concern is that he’s never lived away from home before. Will he be able to take care of himself? What if there’s an emergency?
Give me some advice so that I can relax!
-Doubtful Dad

1) Select the correct alternative about letter 1.
a. The two brothers work in the family business.
b. Bobby is older than his brother.
c. Bobby’s brother was a good a good high school student.
d. Bobby’s brother is going to the college too.
e. The brother doesn’t think Bobby made a good decision.

2) Choose the best beginning for the letter 2.
a. I think Bobby and I will continue our studies in the same university after we graduated from high school.
b. My brother and I used to be great friends, but we had an argument and now we don’t talk to each other anymore.
c. Bobby, my friend from university, is very happy because he’s found a good job in our city.
d. I am the youngest person in the family, and that’s a problem, because everyone always tells what to do.
e. My boyfriend, Bobby, just told me that he’s made a decision to attend a wellknown iniversity in the fall.

3) According to the letter 3…
a. the Doubtful Dad thinks that Bobby is very young.
b. Bobby’s father is worried about his son.
c. Bobby should stay home and help his brother.
d. the parents want Bobby to take care of them.
e. the father is concerned about Bobby’s friends.

4) According to the three letters, what is correct about Bobby?
a. He doesn’t want to talk to his old girlfriend anymore.
b. He has found a new girlfriend at university.
c. He lives far away from his family.
d. His brother wants him to go to a business school.
e. His decision to go to university has caused different reactions.

5) Maggie Morgan wrote a response fo letter. Select the best alternative.
a. More and more people are living alone. When they get good jobs and become financially independent, they usually find many friends.
b. It is not enough to recognize that a problem exists. What you need is a solution. Students must improve their learning skills in order to be successful and get good grades.
c. My parents gave me whatever I wanted when I was younger. Perhaps that’s why I find it so difficult to work hard and get my own money.
d. He seems to be a hardworking student and a responsible person, so don’t worry so much. He will reach his educational goals faster if he can concentrate on his studies.
e. Parents should treat their children exactly the same way. Even a little difference in treatment may be the cause of competitive and aggressive behavior.

6) Complete a conversação. Coloque o verbo em sua forma correta, no PRESENTE ou no PASSADO, ambos podendo ser  SIMPLES ou CONTÍNUO.

Interviewer:  When _______________ (you/start) acting?
Actor: When I ______________ (be) 12. I ______________ (go) to a drama school, and one day I _________________ (sit) in the classroom and Mark Stewart, the famous film director ___________________ (visit) the school. He _______________ (see) me and that ___________ (be) the beginning.

Interviewer: What __________ (be) your first film?
Actor: “Holding Home” with Terry Veale, who ___________ (be) now my husband! We ___________ (make) the film in Italy. He ___________ (be) 17 and I ___________ (be) 13!

Interviewer: I know that Terry Veale _____________ (have) an accident in that film. How ______________ (it/happen)?
Actor: Well, one day near the end of the filming we _____________________ (both/ride) horses and Terry’s horse suddenly _______________ (stop) and he _______________ (fall) off. He __________ (break) his arm. Today, Terry and I often ___________ (talk) about our first meeting.

Interviewer:  ___________________ (you/ride) nowadays?
Actor: No, I _______________ (stop) when I ____________ (move) to Los Angeles.

Interviewer:  I know you are very busy but what _______________ (you/do) in your free time?
Actor: Terry and I _____________ (like) swimming. We ____________ (swim) every day. And of course I _______________ (love) cooking. The dish I _____________ (make) for lunch today is a new idea of mine.

Interviewer:  Can I ask you some more questions? And can I also talk to Terry?
Actor: Yes, of course. He ___________________ (swim) in our pool at the moment. We can go outside and enjoy the sun. Come on!

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