12 de maio de 2016

Interpretação de tirinha em inglês | Tema: tecnologia

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Diversos materiais para interpretação em inglês
60 questões de INTERPRETAÇÃO com gabarito
60 exercícios de GRAMÁTICA com gabarito

1. What are the comic strips about?

a) Internet and adults
b) Technology in schools
c) Technology in today's world

2. Read the comics more carefully and choose the correct answer. 

a) The excerpt "they barely know how to use a toaster!" (comic 1 ) can be rewritten (with the same meaning) as 
(   ) they find it easy to use a toaster. 
(   ) they hardly know how to use a toaster. 

b) In "How do you THINK my first day of kindergarten went?!?" 
(comic 2), why is the word think in capital letters and bold
(   ) To emphasize the boy's dissatisfaction. 
(   ) To emphasize the boy's excitement. 

c) In "I'll answer that in a second" (comic 3), the auxiliary verb will indicates ... 
(   ) a threat 
(   ) a promise 
(   ) a prediction 

d) In "Can I use the computer for a second?" (comic 4), the modal verb can conveys the idea of... 
(   ) ability 
(   ) possibility 
(   ) permission 

3. SPEAKING, discuss:

a) Are you a "digital native" or a digital immigrant? Why? 
b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology? 
c) How different would your life be without technology? 

Share your conclusions with your classmates.


1. Technology in today's world

a) they hardly know how to use a toaster. 
b) To emphasize the boy's dissatisfaction.
c) a promise
d) permission

3. Personal answers.

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