5 de junho de 2016

Exercícios sobre phrasal verbs (1)

A. Rewrite the sentences below replacing the words in bold with a phrasal verb from the list. Make sure you use the appropriate verb tense. 

blow out
look for
go on 
bring up
show up 
put out
look after
run over
pick up 
make up 
take up
drop by

1. "Who is going to take care of our dogs while we are away?", Lucy asked her husband. 
2. "If you continue working like this, you're going to end up having a heart attack", Jack told his friend Paul. 
3. "Tom was supposed to come to get me at 6:00 p.m. I wonder why he hasn't arrived yet!", Kate told her friend Liz. 
4. The security guard went up to Bill and told him to extinguish his cigarette as that was a non-smoking area. 
5. "This story is very strange. I think Bob is inventing it!", Jake told his friends. 

B. Choose the alternative that best explains the meaning of the phrasal verbs in the sentences below. 

1. "Susan is not into antique art", Susan is not... 
a. interested in antique art. 
b. an antique art expert. 
c. at all worried about antique art. 
d. an antique art critic.

2. "How come you didn't show up for the rehearsal?", Dan asked Linda. Dan asked Linda how come she didn't... 
a. mention the rehearsal to her friends. 
b. come for the rehearsal. 
c. do what she was supposed to have done during the rehearsal. 
d. show the pictures of the rehearsal to everyone. 

3. "I wish Tony would stop bossing me around", Janet told her friend Anna. Janet told her friend Anna ...
a. she would like Tony to stop treating her as if she were the boss. 
b. she would like Tony to stop treating her nicely. 
c. she would like Tony to stop helping her out. 
d. she would like Tony to stop telling her what to do.

4. During the meeting Jeff came up with a stupid remark that pissed off his boss. Jeff... 
a. had a funny idea that made his boss laugh a lot. 
b. showed up late for the meeting and made his boss angry. 
c. presented some unusual ideas that surprised his boss greatly. 
d. voiced a stupid comment that irritated his boss.

5. "Don't wait up for me", Catherine told her mother. Catherine told her mother not to ... 
a. wake up in the middle of the night because of her. 
b. stay up late waiting for her. 
c. wait for her standing. 
d. stay home waiting for her. 

C. Match the colloquial equivalents in Portuguese.

1. fazer as pazes                                 
2. dar de cara com alguém                  
3. pegar no pé                                          
4. devorar                                         
5. puxar a alguém                               
6. bater na mesma tecla                         
7. malhar                                         
8. cair aos pedaços                                
9. bajular                                       
10. amaciar                                          

a. butter up 
b. fall apart
c. take after
d. break in 
e. pick on 
f. make up 
g. gobble down 
h. bump into 
i. harp on 
j. work out 


1) look after
2) go on
3) pick me up
4) put out
5) making it up

1A | 2B | 3D | 4D | 5B| 

1F | 2H | 3E | 4G | 5C | 6I | 7J | 8B | 9A | 10D

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