8 de setembro de 2016

Atividade com there was e there were - Fairy tale

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There to be (Simple Past) 

Read the beginning of the fairy tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and check the correct answers to the questions.

This is the story of three bears and a little girl called Goldilocks. 
The three bears lived in a house in the forest. There was a father bear, a mother bear and a baby bear. 
Father bear was the biggest bear. He was very big. Mother bear was smaller than father bear. And the smallest bear was baby bear. He was a very little bear.
In the bears' house there were three chairs: a very big chair for father bear, a smaller chair for mother bear and a little chair for baby bear. 
There were three bowls on the table: a very big bowl for father bear, a smaller bowl for mother bear and a little bowl for baby bear. 
And upstairs in the bedroom there were three beds: a very big bed for father bear, a smaller bed for mother bear and a little bed for baby bear. 

a) Who lived in a house in the forest? 
[  ] Goldilocks.
[  ] The three bears.

b) How many baby bears were there in father bear's family?
[  ] There was only one baby bear.
[  ] There were two baby bears.

c) Was there a bowl for Goldilocks on the table?
[  ] Yes, there was.
[  ] No, there wasn't.

d) Were there beds for the three bears?
[  ] Yes, there were.
[  ] No, there weren't.

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