12 de setembro de 2016

Interpretação em inglês com gabarito - Ensino Médio (Racism)

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Read this comment posted on a website. Then tell a classmate what you could understand about it. Use the questions below to guide your discussion. 

Have you ever been a victim of racism?
Or are you guilty of being a racist?

Posted by 1Helpfuldude Aug 11th, 2011 at 11:01AM 

I myself am British. I live in South America though and here I get a lot of racist comments - Gringo, Ghost, Casper, Snow White, Blondie etc. If I'm honest, I don't like it. I've never been a racist. I've never tried to make anyone feel bad about their race or religion. But I don't let it get to me. I've heard the comments before and if someone is really trying to antagonize me, I ask them if "Snow White" is the best they can come up with. 
What's ironic is that racism still exists in the UK, but I'd never been a victim of it. Only since I arrived in South America have I had racism in my life. But if people are that immature to try to keep racism alive in this day and age, then I have no time for them. Nor would I usually give them a response. 
I've NEVER thought of myself as above someone else because of my color. I have occasionally thought that regarding intelligence, but never color. I think racism will die out in about 250 years, but until then it's a sad truth that it's still here and we can only lead by example to eradicate it one day at a time.

a) Is this person a young teenager? How do you know? 
b) Where is this person from? 
c) Where does he live? 
d) What type of racism has he been victim of? 
e) Did he have racism problems before? 
f) Does he react violently to the offensive comments? 
g) Is it possible to know in what city/country he lives? 


a) Problably not, because of the formal tone of the text.
b) From Great Britain/the UK.
c) In South America.
d) People comment on the color of his skin. 
e) No, he didn't. 
f) No, he doesn't. 
g) No, he only says it is in South America. 

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