12 de julho de 2017

Exercícios sobre question words com gabarito

60 exercícios de gramática com gabarito
+ Exercícios sobre QUESTION WORDS com respostas
QUESTION WORDS - Exercícios e exemplos

1. Complete as questões com estas question words: what, which,  who, when, where, why, how, what time, whose. 

a) ______ did you get there? By bus? 
b) ______ does the plane land? 
c) ______ did you get for your birthday? 
d) ______ did you go on holiday last year? 
e) ______ is your best friend? 
f) ______ is this dog? 
g) ______ did you argue with them? 
h) ______ film did you like better? 
i) ______ did you start learning English? 

2. Complete as questões com how much ou how many. 

a) ___________ people live in your town? 
b) ___________ phone numbers do you know by heart? 
c) ___________ traffic is there in your street? 
d) ___________ teachers work at your school? 
e) ___________ money does the Prime Minister earn? 
f) ___________ water do you drink a day? 

3. Organize as palavras abaixo e forme questões. Veja o exemplo: 

books/read/every month/how many 
How many books do you read every month? 

a) fruit juice / drink / every day / how much 
b) lessons / start / today / what time 
c) money / on CDs / spend / a lot of/why 
d) parties / go to/ usually / when 
e) you / for dinner / yesterday / have / what 
f) your bike / buy / where 
g) school / get to / this morning / how 
h) be / at the match / last night / who 


1. how, what time, what, where, who, whose, why, which, when

2. how many, how many, how much, how many, how much, how much

a) How much fruit juice do you drink every day?
b) What time do lessons start today?
c) Why do you spend a lot of money on CDs?
d) When do you usually go to parties?
e) What did you have for dinner yesterday?
f) Where did you buy your bike?
g) How did you get to school this morning?
h) Who was at the match last night?

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