Leitura em inglês com exercícios (pré-intermediário) A Cultura do Afeganistão

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Fazila is a 14-year-old girl from Qalai Zaman Khan in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her family is very poor and Fazila’s life is difficult, but she is happy because she is a student at a school in Kabul. The school is called ‘Skateistan’ and it’s the first skateboarding school in Kabul. Skateistan has got a big indoor skate park and some classrooms with computers. Children can study English, ICT, Journalism, Art and Music there. There’s a special ‘Back to school’ programme for children who aren’t at school. There are separate school days for boys and for girls because girls and boys don’t do activities together in Afghanistan, and there are also special classes for disabled children. After the lessons, there is a 50-minute skateboarding lesson for all the girls in Fazila’s class. Fazila hasn’t got a skateboard, but she can borrow one from the school. Now Fazila is very good at skateboarding and she is also a teacher at Skateistan. ‘Life is hard for me because my family is poor,’ says Fazila. ‘But when I’m at Skateistan, I’m in a nice place.’

1. Leia e responda. Como forma de praticar o speaking, tente responder os exercícios primeiro oralmente. 

a) How old is Fazila?
b) Where does she come from?

2. Leia o texto novamente e marque true (T) or false (F). Corrija as alternativas falsas.

a) Fazila lives in Afghanistan. 
b) There aren’t any classrooms in Skateistan.
c) Children can study English at Skateistan.
d) Boys and girls work together in schools in Afghanistan.
e) Fazila has got a skateboard.
f) Fazila is happy at school.


a) She is 14.
b) She comes from Afghanistan.

a) True
b) False (Skateistan has got some classrooms with computers.)
c) True
d) False (Girls and boys don’t do activities together in Afghanistan.)
e) False (Fazila hasn’t got a skateboard but she can borrow one from the school.)
f) True

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