19 de outubro de 2017

Atividade de inglês com presente simples e contínuo - 9º ano

Hi! I'm aunt Rachel. 
Look at everyone in the garden! Stella's reading. She enjoys reading about science. She's clever and she wants to be a doctor. Gabriel's with his uncle Fred. Gabriel's happy today because he loves riding his bike. 
Suzy wants to wash her dog. Daisy's naughty. She doesn't like having a bath. Grandpa's standing next to the bath and he needs a towel. 
Grandma's quiet. She enjoys painting. She's painting a beautiful picture of her granddaughter, Stella. 

Mark T (true) or F (false).

a) Gabriel doesn't enjoy riding his bike. 
b) Stella enjoys reading about science. 
c) Stella doesn't want to be a doctor. 
d) Suzy wants to wash her doll. 
e) Daisy likes having a bath. 
f) Grandma enjoys painting.

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