5 de outubro de 2017

Exercícios sobre CAN e CAN'T para 9ºano com respostas

1. Complete as perguntas com CAN e dê as respostas de acordo com as informações da tabela. 

a) ___________ Jenny dance?
b) ___________ Brian and Zoe act?
c) ___________ Peter sing?
d) ___________ Adam dance?
e) ___________ Peter and Adam sing?
f) ___________ Adam play music?
g) ___________ Brian and Zoe sing?
h) ___________ Jenny sing?

2. Leia a tabela novamente e complete as frases abaixo com CAN e/ou CAN'T.

a) Jenny _____ sing but she _____ play music.
b) She _____ dance but she _____ act.
c) Peter ____ sing but he _____ play music.
d) He ____ act but he _____ dance.
e) Brian and Zoe _____ sing and they _____ play music.
f) They _____ dance but they _____ act.
g) Adam ____ act and he _____ sing.
h) He _____ play music but he _____ dance.

3. Complete com AND ou BUT.

a) Dave can play basketball ____ he can't sing.
b) Beth can rollerblade _____ she can ride a bike.
c) Brian can read French _____ he can't speak it.
d) Adam can't play tennis _____ he can't swim.
e) Jenny can't run fast _____ she can jump.
f) Victoria can paint _____ she can make a cake.

4. Forme perguntas com CAN e dê respostas verdadeiras.

a) you / ride a bike
b) your friend / play the guitar
c) your dad / swim
d) your mum / dance
e) elephants / speak English
f) parrots / fly

5. Coloque as palavras na ordem correta.

a) piano / can / play / the / they
b) play / you / music / can?
c) horse / can / Sarah / ride / a. 
d) answer / the / can / you / question?
e) can't / tree / we / this / climb.
f) your / can / fast / sister / run? 


a) Can - Yes, she can.
b) Can - No, they can’t.
c) Can - No, he can’t.
d) Can - Yes, he can.
e) Can - No, they can’t.
f) Can - No, he can’t.
g) Can - Yes, they can.
h) Can - Yes, she can.

a) can, can’t
b) can, can’t
c) can’t, can
d) can, can’t
e) can, can
f) can, can’t
g) can’t, can’t
h) can’t, can

a) but
b) and
c) but
d) and
e) but
f) and

a) Can you ride a bike?
Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

b) Can your friend play the guitar?
Yes, he/she can. / No, he/she can’t.

c) Can your dad swim?
Yes, he can. / No, he can’t.

d) Can elephants speak English?
No, they can’t.

e) Can parrots fly?
Yes, they can.

a) They can play the piano.
b) Can you play music?
c) Sarah can ride a horse.
d) Can you answer the question?
e) We can’t climb this tree.
f) Can your sister run fast?


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