6 de outubro de 2017

Interpretação tirinha Calvin e Haroldo em inglês - WILL e GOING TO

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Future tense - GOING TO exercises (with answers)
WILL and BE GOING TO exercises with answers 
Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips - Babysitting Routine (reading practice)

1. Will Calvin study genetic engineering?

2. Mark T (true) or F (false).
a) Calvin won't be an astronomer when he becomes an adult.
b) Calvin will do research on how to reshape the Universe.
c) Calvin will ask God to help him with his career.
d) Calvin will not patent his discoveries on new life forms.
e) It looks like Calvin and Hobbes are going to have an accident.

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3. Is Calvin going to do an experiment?

4. What is he going to do?

5. In your opinion, is it going to work?

6. Does Susan like Calvin's idea?

7. Is she going to wait and see what happens?

8. Mark T (True) or F (False), according to the comic strip above.
a) Curiosity is a source of motivation for scientific discoveries.
b) Calvin and Susan are going to do a project for a science fair.
c) Susan does not approve of Calvin's experiment.


1. Probably.

2. T, F, F, F, T

3. Yes, he is.

4. He is going to see what happens when he inhales milk into his nose and then laughs.

5. Personal answer.

6. No, she doesn't.

7. No, she isn't.

8. T, F, T

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