27 de novembro de 2017

Gabarito avaliação de inglês - presente simples (9ºano)

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1. Sublinhe a opção correta que está em negrito. 

a) We eat/eats fish.
b) They go/goes to school.
c) She read/reads magazines.
d) Jack watch /watches DVDs.
e) You listen/listens to rock music.
f) Pedro and Milly play/plays basketball.
g) My sister live/lives in a big house.
h) I watch/watches old films.
i) It rain/rains in England.
j) I like/likes chocolate.

2. Complete as frases com as palavras: drink, drinks, eats, listen, listens, play, plays, study, studies.

a) Bella drinks coffee.
b) Charlie and Emily study maths.
c) Emma plays football.
d) Our teacher listens to classical music.
e) My brothers listen to pop music.
f) We play tennis.
g) My brother studies English.
h) Henry and I drink fruit juice.
i) Jason's sister eats fish.

3. Complete as frases com DON'T ou DOESN'T.

a) She doesn't get up at six o'clock.
b) You don't study French.
c) They don't go to school by car.
d) Mary's sister doesn't drink coffee.
e) I don't have breakfast at home.
f) Their brother doesn't do his homework.
g) Those men don't live in London.
h) School doesn't finish at two o'clock.

4. Reescreva as frases na forma negativa.

a) I don't play tennis. 
b) You don't listen to rock music.
c) Daisy doesn't watch soap operas.
d) I don't have dinner at 7 p.m.
e) She doesn't read books.
f) We don't eat pasta.
g) It doesn't rain in Brazil.
h) They don't go to school by bus.

5. Coloque as palavras em ordem para formar perguntas.

a) Do you study maths?
b) Does she watch TV?
c) Do they live in America?
d) Do you get up at 7 a.m.?
e) Does  Jennifer read books?
f) Do you listen to music?
g) Do your parents eat fish?

6. Complete as perguntas com DO ou DOES e escreva respostas curtas.

a) Do they go to bed late? No, they don't.
b) Does she watch soap operas? Yes, she does
c) Do you relax on Sundays? Yes, I do.
d) Does Paul play basketball? No, he doesn't
e) Do your parents drive a big car? No, they don't.
f) Do Brian and George play the guitar? Yes, they do
g) Does it rain in Egypt? Yes, it does
h) Do you drink coffee? No, I don't
i) Does Tom's sister study history? No, she doesn't.


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