18 de janeiro de 2018

Exercícios sobre MUST e HAVE TO com respostas

1. Circle the correct answer.

a) I must / mustn't ask Mum for some money. I haven't got enough for my ticket.
b) I must / mustn't forget to tell Pietra. She wants to come, too.
c) We must / mustn't check the times of the trains again. I'm not sure of them.
d) We must / mustn't be late for our train.
e) I must / mustn't take my railcard. I can get cheap tickets with it.
f) You must / mustn't get the number 7 bus. It doesn't stop at the station.
g) We must / mustn't lose our tickets. We can't get any more.

2. Complete the rules for an exam. Use must or mustn't and the verbs: be, bring, copy, give, stay, stop, talk, use, write.

a) You __________ late for the exam.
b) You ___________ your mobile phone into the exam.
c) You ____________ your name at the top of the first page.
d) You ____________ a pen, not a pencil.
e) During the exam, you ____________ to anybody.
f) You ____________ in your chair all the time.
g) You ____________ another person's answers.
h) You _____________ when I say, 'Stop now'.
i) You _____________ me your answer sheet at the end of the exam.

3.  Complete the sentences. Use have/has to or don't/doesn't have to.

a) You can't take your bags into the museum. You ___________ leave them here.
b) Jack ___________ get the bus to town. He can't walk there.
c) We can get the tickets tomorrow. We __________ buy them now.
d) You ___________ answer my question now. You can tell me later.
e) My dad __________ stay in hospital today and tomorrow. He can come out on Monday.
f) My sister ____________ wear glasses. Her eyes are fine.
g) I ____________ earn some money for my holiday. I haven't got any.
h) He ___________ work. He's got a lot of money.
i) No, I'm afraid I can't come with you. I ___________ finish this project today.
j) You _____________ wash the car. Dan washed it yesterday.

4. Write questions. Use have to.

a) we / visit / anybody?
b) you / call / Lisa?
c) why / Ben / have / the car?
d) I / help / him and Sarah?
e) they / leave / early on Sunday?
f) where / Sarah / go?
g) we / get / any petrol?
h) you / work / on your project?

5. Complete the conversation. Use the correct form of have to.

A: When ___________ (we) check in at the airport tomorrow?
B: Two hours before the flight - at about six. So we __________ get the bus at about four.
A: I'm going to change some money this afternoon.
B: You _____________ change it today. You can change it at the airport.
A: Yes, that's true. Have you packed yet?
B: No. I ___________ do that this evening. This afternoon, I'm helping Jonathan with his car. He ___________ fix it today because he needs it tomorrow. He's going to see Hannah in Manchester. He ___________ drive there, but it's easier than going by train or bus.
B: _____________ (he) go tomorrow?
A: Yes. They're going to a party together in the evening.

6. Circle the correct answer.

a) We mustn't /don't have to run. We can walk.
b) I mustn't /don't have to lose Emma's address. I need it.
c) You mustn't /don't have to pay for my ticket. I've got enough money.
d) I mustn't /don't have to forget my camera tomorrow.
e) I mustn't /don't have to miss my bus stop. I don't want to walk a long way.
f) We mustn't /don't have to phone Jessica now. We can call her tomorrow.
g) You mustn't /don't have to bring any food tomorrow. I'll bring some.
h) You mustn't /don't have to leave your coat on the bus.


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