18 de janeiro de 2018

Histórias em inglês no simple present para leitura

Jack lives alone in a small house in the forest. He lives more than 20 miles from the road. He rarely leaves home, but when he does, he drives a big car. In the winter, he drives a special car that can move over snow.
Jack grows his own food in a large garden. He plants carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and corn. His apple tree provides him with plenty of apples.
Jack also hunts deer, rabbits, and turkeys for food. He lives near a small river, which provides him with plenty of clean water. It also provides him with plenty of fish! Jack loves to fish, and he is pretty good at it.
Jack uses an ax and chops down trees for wood. He then cuts the wood into small pieces, which he burns in his stove. He keeps warm in the winter! 
Jack also has fun. He reads a lot. He has a lot of books and reads most of them more than once. He also writes his own stories with an old typewriter.
Every night, Jack plays his guitar. He knows many different songs and plays several every night before he goes to bed.
Jack does not spend all of his time inside, though. He loves to spend time outside. During the day, he looks at plants and animals. Sometimes he even talks to the animals. During the night, he looks up at the night sky. He knows many stars by name.
He also plays a lot of solitaire. He is pretty good at it! He does not always win, but no one ever beats him!

Alicia the Mail Carrier

Alicia is 18 years old, but she already works as a mail carrier in her neighborhood. She travels almost five miles every day while she delivers the mail. She stops at every house and delivers letters, bills, and lots of junk mail. (“Junk mail” is advertisements that no one really wants. Most people automatically throw away their junk mail.)
Alicia’s favorite street is Pearl Street because a cute pet bunny lives on Pearl Street. His name is Fiver. Alicia brings him a small carrot every day. Fiver is shy, but he likes Alicia, because of the carrots.
Alicia’s least favorite street is Bean Street. A mean dog is chained up on Bean Street, and he does not like Alicia. He always barks loudly and runs toward her.
He makes angry sounds and tries to break free from his chain. She distracts him and throws him dog bones.
Alicia loves her job. She loves to be outside, even in bad weather. She likes to walk and exercise. If there is snow, then that is okay. If she gets a little wet, then that is okay too. She just wears a warm coat and her big boots. Alicia is always happy. She always smiles at everyone she sees.
Everyone in the neighborhood (except for the mean dog on Bean Street) loves Alicia. They appreciate her friendliness and hard work. They are happy that their mail is always on time.
During the holidays, many of them send her cards and small presents. So, during the holidays, Alicia delivers a lot of mail to herself!

Jimmy’s Rock Collection

Jimmy collects rocks. His rock collection is huge. He has many different kinds of rocks in his collection. Some of them even glow in the dark! One of his rocks is from outer space!
Jimmy works in an office, but when he is in front of his computer, he usually dreams about rocks. Jimmy thinks about rocks more than he thinks about his girlfriend!
After work, Jimmy often goes for long walks. He always takes a bag of tools with him: safety glasses, hammer, cleaning brush, magnifying glass, rock book, and a camera.
Jimmy usually finds many interesting rocks on his walks. His safety glasses protect his eyes while his hammer breaks the rocks into smaller pieces. He cleans the rocks with his cleaning brush and then studies the rocks with his magnifying glass. Then he uses his rock book to learn more about his rocks.
When Jimmy cannot bring an interesting rock home, he usually takes a photo of the rock. There are lots of photos in Jimmy’s rock collection!
When Jimmy gets home, he always goes to the basement. In his basement, he organizes his new rocks. Sometimes, he studies his old rocks. He often sings while he works with his rocks.
Jimmy spends most of his time with his rocks. He is crazy about rocks, and he knows this. But Jimmy’s girlfriend does not understand this. It worries her. She loves Jimmy and wants to be his wife. She wants Jimmy’s rock collection to include another rock - a big diamond ring for her!

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