22 de janeiro de 2018

INDEFINITE PRONOUNS - Exercises for ESL students (with keys)


There's something in my shoe. 
He doesn't know everything!
There isn't anything in this box.
There's nothing in that bag

There's somebody at the door. 
Is everybody here?
ls anybody at home?
There's nobody in the kitchen

He lives somewhere in London. 
She follows him everywhere.
We aren't going anywhere.
The cat's nowhere in the house!

something, somebody/someone and somewhere
nothing, nobody/no one and nowhere

everything, everybody/everyone e everywhere

anything, anybody / anyone and anywhere

somebody = someone 
everybody = everyone
anybody = anyone
nobody = no one


1. Circle the correct answer.

a) I like something / everything in this shop, but I can only buy one thing.
b) There are flowers somewhere /everywhere in the hotel, so all the rooms are very pretty.
c) There's something /somewhere about your friend Lia in the paper.
d) There's somebody / everybody in the living room. He wants to see you.
e) Our hotel is somewhere /everywhere in the city center.
f) Can you help with the cooking? I can't do something / everything!
g) Is everybody /everything in your family tall?
h) Listen. Somebody / Something's singing. I think it's Jhonny.
i) I want to go everything / everywhere in the world.

2. Complete what Anna says. Use something, somebody, somewhere, everything, everybody or everywhere.

I want to be a doctor. I like working with people and I think that ________ about the human body is fascinating. I'd like to work ________ in Africa. There's an organization that works with children there. I know _________ who works for it. I'd like to work for it, too. There are a lot of health problems _________ in the world and I want to do ________about them. I can't help ________, of course, but I want to help some people.

3. Circle the correct answer.

a) I can't eat anything/nothing.
b) Kate doesn't know anybody /nobody here.
c) Our names are anywhere / nowhere on this list.
d) There's anything / nothing about our town on this website.
e) He doesn't walk anywhere / nowhere. He always drives.
f) There's anyone / no one at the reception desk.
g) She never tells me anything / nothing.
h) We can't go anywhere /nowhere. We must stay here.
i) There's anything / nothing in this box. It's empty.

4. Complete the conversation. Use these words: anybody, anything (2x), anywhere, nobody, nothing, nowhere.

A: Hi, Anna. I'm in town. It's very quiet here. What are you doing?
B: I'm not doing ________. It's very quiet here, too. There's _________ at home with me. Are you with _________ ?
A: No, I'm not. I'm alone and I'm standing outside a clothes shop. The clothes are horrible! I don't like ________ in the window. Listen, Anna, I can't find my new sunglasses ________ Are they at your house? On the table?
B: No, there's _________ on the table. Sorry.
A: Oh dear! They're _________ at home!
B: Don't worry. You'll find them. Maybe Isabel's got them.


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