11 de janeiro de 2018

READING COMPREHENSION exercise for ESL students (pre-intermediate)

Read the article and answer the questions.


Solar energy is heat energy that comes from the sun. Solar-heat panels concentrate the sun’s heat to warm water and create power. Solar power helps save other sources of energy, such as oil, gas, and other fuels. Solar panels collect the sun’s heat and change it to useful energy. A solar heater is made up of large dark glass panels or materials placed on a roof. These panels trap the sun’s warmth to heat water. The panels help save fuel by using the heat energy from the sun.

1. What is solar energy? 
2. What does the word concentrate mean? 
3. How can people collect heat energy from the sun? 
4. What are other sources of fuel? 
5. Why do you think solar panels are placed on rooftops? 
6. Why do you think solar panels are dark-colored? 


1. heat energy from the sun
2. gather on one source or place
3. People can use solar panels.
4. oil, gasoline, wood
5. They are closer to the sun.
6. Dark colors absorb more heat.

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  1. I just loved it. The fact that I needed to write an answer helped me a lot in practice. Thanks.