5 de janeiro de 2018

Superlative adjectives: 15 exercises to practice grammar

20 exercises to practice COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES
GRAMMAR exercises for ESL students - SUPERLATIVE

Write the superlatives of the words given, using in or of where necessary.

1) This is _____________  the world. (big building)
2) This is _____________ here. (comfortable chair)
3) He bought ____________ the shop. (expensive flowers)
4) I think she's ____________ the group. (good singer)
5) He's ________________ the company. (careful driver)
6) Who's _____________ the class? (old student)
7) It's _______________ I've ever seen. (bad film)
8) She's ______________ all the students. (intelligent)
9) It was _____________ I had ever heard. (beautiful music)
10) He's _____________ all the assistants. (helpful)
11) He's _____________ his class. (young)
12) This is ______________ the world. (poor country)
13) She's ______________ I've ever met. (strange person)
14) I didn't answer _____________ questions. (difficult)
15) Peter's ________________ them all. (old)


Write the superlatives of the words given, using in or of where necessary.

1) This is the biggest building in the world.
2) This is the most comfortable chair here. 
3) He bought the most expensive flowers in the shop. 
4) I think she's the best singer in the group. 
5) He's the most careful driver in the company. 
6) Who's the oldest student in the class? 
7) It's the worst film I've ever seen. 
8) She's the most intelligent all the students. 
9) It was the most beautiful music I had ever heard. 
10) He's the most helpful of all the assistants. 
11) He's the youngest in his class. 
12) This is the poorest country in the world. 
13) She's the strangest person I've ever met. 
14) I didn't answer the most difficult questions. 
15) Peter's the oldest of them all. 

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