16 de março de 2018

FIRST CONDITIONAL - grammar exercise with keys

What will happen if there’s a power cut?
Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs.

1. If there _____(be) a power cut, we ______ (not have) any electricity.

2. If we ____ (not have) any electricity, our computers ______ (not work).

3. If our computers ______ (not work), we ______ (not be able to) go on the Internet.

4. If we _____ (not can) go on the Internet, we _____ (not be able to) email our friends.

5. If we ______ (not can) email our friends, we ______ (have to) text them on our phones.

6. If our batteries _____ (run out), we _____ (not be able to) charge them!

7. If we _____ (not can) recharge our phones, we _____ (have to) go out and meet our friends.

8. If we ______ (go out) and meet our friends, we _____ (have) fun!


1. If there is a power cut, we won't have any electricity.

2. If we don't have any electricity, our computers won't work.

3. If our computers don't work, we won't be able to go on the Internet.

4. If we can't go on the Internet, we won't be able to email our friends.

5. If we can't email our friends, we will have to text them on our phones.

6. If our batteries run out, we won't be able to charge them!

7. If we can't recharge our phones, we will have to go out and meet our friends.

8. If we go out and meet our friends, we will have fun!

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