31 de maio de 2018

Inglês - Expressões - Valentine’s Day

Common phrasal verbs for Valentine’s Day:

1. check somebody out: look at somebody and decide if you like them

2. chat somebody up: flirt with somebody

3. ask somebody out: ask somebody to go on a date with you

4. turn somebody on: excite somebody in a sexual way

5. fall for somebody: fall in love with somebody

6. go out with somebody: be in a relationship with somebody

7. break up with somebody: end a relationship with somebody

8. get back with somebody: restart a relationship with somebody

Common idioms for Valentine’s Day:

1. have a thing for somebody: to be attracted to somebody

2. love at first sight: instant love the first time people meet

3. pop the question: ask somebody to marry you

4. tie the knot: get married

5. fall head over heels in love: fall completely in love

6. be made for each other: when two people are a perfect match

7. be in the doghouse: when a partner is angry with you and you are there

8. be on the rocks: likely to fail due to problems in the relationship

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