2 de julho de 2018

Inglês - vocabulário - collocations com HAVE (exercícios)

Complete the sentences below. Use the words in the box. Use the past tense when necessary.

1. I’m tired. I’m going to _____________________.
2. Ow, my head hurts! I _____________________. I need to take an aspirin.
3. You should drive safely or you might _________________.
4. Thomas isn’t hungry because he already _____________________ an hour ago.
5. You should see this strange spider I found! Come here and __________________.
6. I didn’t ____________________ yesterday. I had a shower instead.
7. It was Sue’s birthday so we decided to surprise her. We __________________.
8. I love to ____________________ each morning. It helps to wake me up.
9. If you _____________________, you can ask me for help.
10. We _______________ on our holiday … a terrible time, really. It rained for a week.
11. I can’t see you at 3 o’clock. I ____________________ with my boss at that time.
12. (A) Atchoo! (B) Oh-oh. It sounds like you ______________________.


1. have a nap
2. have a headache
3. have an accident
4. had lunch
5. have a look
6. have a bath
7. had a party
8. have a coffee
9. have a problem
10. had a bad time
11. have a meeting
12. have a cold

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