26 de outubro de 2018

Notícia para aprender inglês - Another Royal Baby (reading, listening and vocabulary)

** Ouça os áudios mais de uma vez e pratique o significado e pronúncia das palavras. Leia em voz alta. 

Meghan is Prince Harry’s wife. People start a rumour. They say that she is pregnant. Harry and Meghan travel to Sydney. They say that the rumour is true. Meghan is pregnant.
Harry and Meghan are in Australia for 16 days. They also visit Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

Harry's wife: a esposa de Harry
rumour: boato, rumor
pregnant: grávida
travel: viajar

Meghan, Prince Harry’s wife, usually wears closely-fitted dresses, and when this changed, people started a rumour that she is pregnant.
Harry and Meghan confirmed this rumour recently in Sydney, as they are there on a 16-day trip. They are visiting Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

usually: normalmente
wear = wears: usar/vestir (roupa, óculos, etc.)
closely-fitted dresses: vestidos apertados
recently: recentemente
a 16-day trip: uma viagem de 16 dias

The queen’s grandchild, Princess Eugenie, got married recently, and two of the guests were Prince Harry and his wife Meghan who wore a dress that gave rise to rumours of her being pregnant.
This is because she usually wears a more closely-tailored style.
The couple confirmed the rumours shortly after Harry and Meghan touched down in Sydney, Australia. The couple are down under for 16 days, visiting Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

the queen’s grandchild: o neto da rainha
get married: se casar - got married (forma no passado)
wore é o passado do verbo wear: vestir/vestiu
gave rise: deu origem
rumours of her being pregnant: rumores dela estar grávida
a more closely-tailored style: um estilo mais sob medida (mais adequado, mais solto)
couple: casal
shortly after: um pouco depois
touch down: aterrissar/pousar - touched down (forma no passado)

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