25 de outubro de 2018

SPEAKING and WRITING activity - UFO story - telling stories in English (intermediate students)

1. Postman Joe Green spends every night in a field waiting for another visit 'from outer space'. Look at the pictures and tell the story.

Here are some words to help you: UFO (2) to land (3) to take off (5) control panels (6) to laugh at (10)

2. Join the two halves to make full sentences and retell the story.

3.  Read the story and check your answers to exercise 2

UFO story

Joe Green is a postman. He lives a very ordinary life. He works all day and meets his friends in the pub in the evening. But one summer's evening last year, something very strange happened. He was on his way home when he saw an unidentified flying object, or UFO, in the sky. Joe got out of his van, and watched it. It landed in a field near his home. The UFO was glowing, and the whole field was lit up. Joe was very curious. Were there aliens inside? He walked towards the UFO and climbed in. Then, it took off! Joe didn't know what to do. He couldn't see any aliens. He looked at the control panels in the flight deck and pushed some buttons. The UFO flew into outer space and orbited the Earth. Then it landed right back in the same field.
Joe went home and told his wife the amazing story. She didn't believe him. He decided to go to the police station and told the policeman on duty there. He didn't believe him either. Finally, Joe went to the pub and told his friends. They laughed at him. Aliens?! A UFO?! A trip into outer space?! 
Joe didn't care. He knew what happened. Now he goes to the same field every night and waits for the UFO to reappear. Suddenly, his life doesn't seem quite so ordinary. 

4. Read the interview with Joe's wife and answer the questions:

Interviewer: Some people say that your husband is a little bit crazy. Do you agree?

Joe's wife: Absolutely! He was such an ordinary, sensible man, before all of this UFO nonsense. Now, I never see him in the evenings! He goes out every night and spends hours looking up at the sky! He says he's waiting ... waiting for the UFO to come back. 

Interviewer: Do you think the UFO will come back?

Joe's wife: What UFO?! It's rubbish! They don't exist. You know what I think happened on that night? I think he fell asleep in the van on the way home. He dreamt the whole thing! Just a stupid dream! Husbands!

a) Does Joe's wife believe in UFOs?
b) What does she think happened that night?

5. Work in pairs and prepare an interview with an alien on the UFO. Student A is the interviewer and Student B is the alien. 

Ask questions like ...
'Where do you come from?' 
'How long did your trip take?'

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