15 de abril de 2019

PHRASAL VERBS - exercícios (gabarito)


1. Which of your friends do you get along with the best?

2. When you're feeling down, do you have a special friend who can always cheer you up?

3. If you're in a situation where other people are criticizing you, do you have a good friend who generally sticks up for you?

4. Have you ever had a bad argument with a friend? Did it take you a long time to get over your anger? Do you ever find it possible to make up with someone and resume your friendship?

5. Have you ever lost touch with a friend and stopped seeing each other? What are some things that cause friends to drift apart?

6. Have you ever run into a friend that you hadn't seen in a long time? If so, did you make plans to see each other again?

7. Has a friend ever disappointed you, that is, let you down in some way? In those situations, is it a good ideia to talk your feelings over with the friend? Or is it better not to let your friend know how you feel?

8. Are there limits to what you must tolerate in a friendship? What are some things that you would never put up with?

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