14 de abril de 2019

PRESENT CONTINUOUS - exercícios com gabarito

a) She is studying maths.
b) They are having breakfast.
c) I am drinking lemonade.
d) It is raining at the moment.
e) You are sitting in my chair.
f) He is listening to music.
g) My sister is doing her homework.
h) Her children are making dinner.
i) John and I are playing football.
j) Helen is going to Santa Catarina.

Hi everyone. We're on holiday in Germany but the weather is bad today. It is raining. We are sitting in a café at the moment. I've got my computer and I am writing my blog.
My sister is listening to music. My brothers aren't in the café. They are playing football in the rain! My mum is talking to her friends on the phone. And my dad? He is reading the newspaper. Oh yes, and my grandparents are here too. They are eating cakes! I haven't got a cake but I am drinking fruit juice. I like it!
We are having a good time.
See you soon.

3. Respostas pessoais.

a) isn't - She's playing netball.
b) aren't - You're going to the park.
c) isn't - He's reading.
d) I'm not - I'm listening to music.
e) aren't - They're wearing socks.
f) isn't - It's drinking milk.
g) aren't - They're eating the rice.
h) isn't - She's sleeping.

a) They aren't talking.
b) She isn't drinking fruit juice.
c) I'm not having dinner.
d) You aren't wearing a jacket.
e) He isn't playing the piano.
f) Mary and Julia aren't getting up.
g) Theo and I aren't sitting in the garden.
h) It isn't raining.
i) You aren't making dinner.

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