9 de julho de 2019

Exercício de WRITING e SPEAKING intermediário - Dinner Disaster - Storyboard

Dinner disaster 

1. Mr. Smith invited his boss, Mr. Plummer to dinner - BUT they forgot about the cat... Look at the pictures and tell the story. Here are some words to help you: to invite (1) a salmon (2) to lay the table (3) to be horrified (6) to rush out (7). 

2. Make a sentence about each picture and retell the story. Use these words to help you: dress, burst, cat, prepared, fish and chip, empty, horrified, invited, laid, arrived, rushed, candles.

a) Mr. Smith phoned his boss and __________ him and his wife to dinner. 
b) Mr. and Mrs. Smith __________ a salmon for dinner. 
c)  They _________  the table with ___________ and bottles of wine. 
d) Mrs. Smith put on an evening _____________ and Mr. Smith wore his best suit. 
e) The Plummers ____________ at eight o'clock. 
f) When they saw the table, they were _____________. The main plate was ___________.
g) Mrs. Smith _____________ into tears and Mr. Smith _____________ out of the house. 
h) He ran to the ______________ shop. 
i) They had a lovely evening, and so did the _______________.

3. Read the interview and answer the questions.

Interviewer: Have you ever been to the Smiths' before?
Mrs. Plummer: No. Last Friday was the first time.
Interviewer: Why was the evening unusual?
Mr. Plummer: Well, we arrived on time, said 'hello', and a few minutes later our hostess was in tears!
Mrs. Plummer: I felt so sorry for them. George is Dave Smith's boss - so it was very embarrassing for them! When we went into the dining room the table looked beautiful, but there was no dinner! Just a very happy cat!
Mr. Plummer: Yes. Poor things - but Dave reacted very quickly - just ten minutes later we were all enjoying fish and chips!
Interviewer: Do you have any cats?
Mrs. Plummer: We don't have a cat but we do have a very old dog - and a long time ago something similar happened to us. The dog ate our Sunday lunch!
Mr. Plummer: Anyway - it was a good evening - and we've invited Dave and Isobel to dinner with us in a few weeks time - and I'll make sure our dog is somewhere safely out of the way!

a) Are the Plummers and the Smiths close friends?
b) What are the first names of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
c) Are they going to meet again?

4. Work in pairs and prepare an interview with the cat. Student A is the interviewer and Student B is the cat.
Ask questions like ... 
'What is your favorite food?'
'Do you often take food from the table?'

Extension activity 
To talk about: Have you ever been to a party where something went wrong?
Write 'Dinner disaster' in your own words. 



Mr. and Mrs. Smith both loved cooking. Mr. Smith also wanted a better job in his company. They decided it was time for a dinner party. Mr. Smith phoned his new boss Mr. Plummer and invited him and his wife to dinner on Friday night. On Friday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Smith spent a long time cooking a delicious dinner. They prepared fresh salmon, filled with prawns and chilli.

They laid the table with silver candles and bottles of wine. Then, they got ready. Mrs. Smith put on a black evening dress and Mr. Smith wore his best suit. Everything was perfect.

The Plummers arrived on time at eight o'clock. "Let's have a drink!" said Mr. Smith. They all went into the dining room. Then they saw the table and they were horrified. The main plate was empty. The salmon had gone! Mrs. Smith burst into tears. "Don't worry, love! We can still have fish!" and Mr. Smith rushed out of the house.

He ran to the Fish and Chip shop down the road and bought four portions of fish and chips. The great British takeaway! And they all had a lovely evening. So did their pet cat ... 

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