9 de julho de 2019

Intermediate reading exercise - A healthy diet


For a balanced diet, you should eat food from each of the five food groups every day: grains, vegetables, fruit, protein and dairy. But how much of each food group should you have? The chart below is called ‘My Plate’. It shows which foods to eat more of and which to eat less of. The Vegetable section is bigger than the Protein section. This means you should eat more vegetables than protein. The Grains section is bigger than the Fruit section, so eat more grains than fruit. The Dairy section is smaller than the others, so eat fewer dairy foods than any other. 

Can you name two things from each food group? Why is it important to eat a balanced and healthy diet?

Read and say True or False. Correct the sentences that are false. 

a) Eat enough food but not too much.
b) Don't eat too much dairy food.
c) Eat more protein than vegetables.
d) Eat more grains than fruit.
e) Choose a lot of drinks with sugar in them.

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