8 de julho de 2019


Billy is twelve years old, and his sister is fifteen. It was Saturday yesterday, and Billy's father gave him fifty pence. There is a big tree in Billy's garden, and he climbed it and sat in it. He likes that place in the tree very much. Then Billy looked at his fifty pence and said, "I'm going to go to the market tomorrow on my bicycle, and I'm going to buy some seeds with this money. Then I'm going to plant them under this tree. I'm going to have a lot of flowers and fruit and plants, and I'm going to sell them. "A lot of people are going to come to my garden every day, and they're going to buy my nice flowers and fruit and plants, and in the end I'm really going to have a lot of money. Then I'm going to grow up and go to university, and I'm going to be a doctor. "Then my sister will come to me and say, 'Doctor, Doctor, I've broken my left arm! Please help me!' And I'm going to set her arm." The sky was blue, the weather was hot, and Billy was tired after that, so he went to sleep in the tree. But then he fell out of the tree and broke his left arm. His mother took him to the doctor, and she set it. 

Look at these questions. Find the right answers. 

Who is older, Billy or his sister? 
a) Billy is. 
b) His sister is. 

Where did Billy sit yesterday? 
a) In a tree. 
b) In his house. 

Where did Billy want to go on Sunday? 
a) To a big tree. 
b) To the market. 

Why did he want to go there? 
a) Because he wanted a bicycle. 
b) Because he wanted some seeds. 

What did he want to do with the seeds? 
a) He wanted to plant them. 
b) He wanted to sell them. 

Why did he want to grow flowers and fruit and plants? 
a) Because he wanted money. 
b) Because he wanted to buy them. 

What did he want to be? 
a) A teacher at a university. 
b) A doctor. 

What did he want to do to his sister then? 
a) He wanted to come to her. 
b) He wanted to set her arm. 

Why did Billy fall out of the tree? 
a) Because he was tired. 
b) Because he went to sleep. 
c) Because the weather was hot. 

Who set his arm? 
a) His mother did. 
b) His sister did. 
c) The doctor did. 

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