25 de julho de 2019

REDAÇÃO EM INGLÊS - Tourism and environment (modelo)

Some people believe that tourism promotes the economy while other argue that tourism destroy the environment. Discuss both views.

During the past few years, the tourism industry has become the leading sector of national development. However, while some people claim that the economy is boosted thanks to tourism growth, others criticize it for doing harm to the environment. This essay will look at both views.

On the one hand, tourism sector contributes a huge revenue to the country through economic activities run by societies around tourist attractions. It is clear that tourism is now becoming an industry that creates thousands of jobs for citizens in terms of its management, protection as well as promotion. Moreover, it helps improve the income of local residents through selling souvenirs and providing tourism services such as hotels and entertainment. Therefore, citizen’s living standard could be upgraded and the unemployment rate could be reduced. All of these economic activities crucially contribute to achieving the goals of government to provide job opportunities and to bring the prosperity of society.

On the other hand, tourism can have a negative impact on the environment. Specifically, excessive building like roads, and hotels that destroys natural habitats of animals and spoils the landscape. At the same time, tourism also causes pollution in some crowded areas. Moreover, it puts pressure on local resources such as food, water, and energy. However, I believe that environmental protection is the parts of tourism development on how government allocates the budget to tourism sector for creating a clean environment or promoting ecotourism in which environment are the basis of tourism.

To sum up, I think that although tourism can drive a better economic growth, we should not lose our sight that tourism also can harm our local environment.

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