31 de março de 2020

WRITING exercises to improve FLUENCY (B2) Story Endings

Write an ending for each of the story beginnings.

1. Joey and his father went fishing yesterday. They fished all day without catching one fish. Joey’s father decided they should move to another spot. Joey threw his line into the water. Suddenly, he felt a tug at the end of his line.

2. Mark made a big poster to let everyone know that he had lost his dog, Spot. First, he wrote Spot’s name in big letters at the top. He wrote the word “Lost” underneath it. Then he put a large picture of Spot in the middle of the poster. 

3. Our swim team has practiced very hard all summer. Today is our last race. The team who wins will be the league champion. Every swimmer has gotten a lot of rest. We all went out for a good breakfast this morning. It is finally time to leave.

4. Terry was wearing her best clothes. When she opened the door to go outside, her mother told her not to get dirty. It was almost time to leave for the school play. Terry said she would be careful and closed the door. Just then, she tripped over a big rock and fell right into a big mud puddle.

5. Tomorrow is the big spelling bee. I have practiced all week. Mom and Dad have called out words to me and I have spelled them. I get most of them right, but I have trouble with words that end in “ies.”

6. My big moment had finally arrived. I was the star in the school play. I was a queen. The curtain was about to be raised. I knew all of my lines because I had studied them for weeks. The piano player started to play. The curtain started to go up. All of a sudden I felt a little scared.

7. Yesterday while I was walking, I heard a noise. The noise was a “meow” noise. I looked down and saw a small gray kitten. I picked up the kitten then put it back down. The kitten followed me for six blocks. I did not know what to do because I knew Mom would not want another cat in the house.

8. My friend David and I decided to go on a trip together. We decided to go to France. We planned for our trip every night. We talked about where we would go and what we would do and see. We bought our plane tickets and it was finally time to go to the airport! Just then, I realized that I could not find my tickets!

9. Alex was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden something woke him up. He tried to go back to sleep, but he heard the noise again. The noise was coming from the window. He sat up and looked toward the window. He saw a pair of eyes staring back at him.

10. Marie’s mother had always told her not to touch the yellow chair in the corner. It was a special chair and it was very old. It was not strong at all. When Marie’s balloon floated to the ceiling, she knew she had to get it back down or it would pop. She looked around for something to stand on.

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