Exercício para praticar SPEAKING sozinho - present continuous

Look at the picture of students on a school trip. Write questions and answers.


Jenny / talk to Molly? / chat on her phone
Is Jenny talking to Molly?
No, she isn't. She's chatting on her phone.

a) Jason / make dinner? / eat crisps
b) Catherine and Heidi / listen to music? / sing songs
c) Sarah / read a book? / sleep in a chair
d) Toby / do his homework? / watch video clips
e) Dave and Frank / clean the table? / play table tennis
f) Amy / listen to music? / do homework
g) Sam and Jess / play computer games? / watch TV
h) Robert / make dinner? / make cake
i) Emma / do homework? / listen to music
j) Jack / watch TV? / draw picture
k) it / raining? /sunny


a) Is Jason making dinner? No, he's eating chips.
b) Are Catherine and Heidi listening to music? No, they're singing songs.
c) Is Sarah reading a book? No, she's sleeping in a chair.
d) Is Toby doing his homework? No, he's watching video clips
e) Are Dave and Frank cleaning the table? No, they're playing table tennis.
f) Is Amy listening to music? No, she's doing homework.
g) Are Sam and Jess playing computer games? No, they're watching TV.
h) Is Robert making dinner? No, he's making a cake.
i) Is Emma doing homework? No, she's listening to music.
j) Is Jack watching TV? No, he's drawing a picture.
k) Is it raining? No, it's sunny.

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