26 de abril de 2016

Exercícios sobre passado simples em inglês - Time expressions

It’s Wednesday at 8pm.

Match sentences 1-6 with the time expressions a-f.

1. I watched a film on Sunday night. (   )
2. The President of Brazil visited my country last Friday. (   )
3. We watched the news at 6pm. (   )
4. I used the internet to book a hotel last night. (   )
5. My local football team played in the cup final on Saturday. (   )
6. Our son started a new job yesterday morning. (   )

a. four days ago
b. two hours ago
c. thirty-six hours ago
d. three days ago
e. twenty-four hours ago
f. five days ago

Exercise 2
Complete the second sentence with the past simple of the underlined verb in the first sentence.

a. Today, men and women present the news. When my grandparents were young, only men __________________ the news.
b. I listen to radio stations on my computer. My grandparents _____________ to the radio.
c. I use a computer to write important letters. They ____________ a typewriter.
d. I watch a colour digital TV. They ____________ a black and white TV.
e. I study online. My grandparents ______________ in class with a teacher.
f. A lot of people stop studying when they’re twenty or more. They _________ studying when they were sixteen. 

Exercise 3
Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

A: (you / did / Where / go?)
B: We went to the beach.
A: (with / Who / you / go / did?)
B: We went with some friends.
A: (have / you / Did / good / time / a / ?)
B: Yes, we did.
A: (What / did / there / you / do?)
B: We played beach beach volleyball.
A: (swim / in / you / Did / the / sea?)
No, we didn’t. The water was really cold. 


Exercise 1: 1d | 2f | 3b | 4e | 5a | 6c
Exercise 2: presented | listened | used | watched | studied | stopped
Exercise 3: Where did you go? | How did you travel? | Who did you go with? | Did you have a good time? | What did you do there? | Did you swim in the sea?

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