20 de novembro de 2017

Exercícios sobre present continuous com respostas

Exercício para praticar SPEAKING sozinho - present continuous
Exercise to practise present continuous - basic
Atividade com presente simples e contínuo
Exercícios sobre present simple e present continuous
LISTENING exercise - Present continuous - What are they doing?
Presente simples ou contínuo? Exercícios para praticar inglês com respostas
Presente simples e contínuo - Textos pequenos com exercícios (skimming, scanning)


1. Complete as frases com a forma correta do verbo to be (am, is, are).

a) She ______ studying maths.
b) They _______having breakfast.
c) I ______ drinking lemonade.
d) It ______ raining at the moment.
e) You _______ sitting in my chair.
f) He _______ listening to music.
g) My sister _______ doing her homework.
h) Her children _______ making dinner.
i) John and I _______ playing football.
j) Helen ________ going to Santa Catarina.

2. Complete o texto com os verbos:  drink, eat,  have, listen, play, rain, read, sit, talk e write (no presente contínuo).

Hi everyone. We're on holiday in Germany but the weather is bad today. It ______________. We ________________ in a café at the moment. I've got my computer and I ____________ my blog.
My sister ___________ to music. My brothers aren't in the café. They ____________ football in the rain! My mum _____________to her friends on the phone. And my dad? He ________________ the newspaper. Oh yes, and my grandparents are here too. They ________________cakes! I haven't got a cake but I ______________ fruit juice. I like it!
We ______________a good time.
See you soon.

3. Suponha que você esteja em férias com a sua família e complete o texto abaixo com os verbos: drink, eat, listen, play, read, sit, swim, talk e write (no presente contínuo).

Hi everyone. We're on holiday in Bahia.
The weather is good today. We're at the beach.
I _____________________________________________
My brother/sister ________________________________
My mum/My dad ________________________________
My grandparents ________________________________
We're having a great time.
See you soon.

4. Sublinhe a opção correta que está em negrito e escreva uma frase afirmativa com a palavra que está entre parênteses (no presente contínuo). 

We isn't/aren't having breakfast. (lunch)
We're having lunch.

a) She isn't/ aren't playing tennis. (netball)
b) You isn't/ aren't going to the beach. (park)
c) He isn't/ aren't doing his homework. (reading)
d) I'm not/ I's not watching TV. (listening to music)
e) They isn't / aren't wearing shoes. (socks)
f) The dog isn't/ aren't drinking water. (milk)
g) Frank and Carla isn't/ aren't eating the chicken. (rice)
h) Emily isn't/aren't reading that book. (sleeping)

5. Escreva frases negativas no presente contínuo.

a) They / not talk
b) She / not drink fruit juice
c) I / not have dinner
d) you / not wear a jacket
e) He / not play the piano
f) Mary and Julia / not get up
g) Theo and I / not sit in the garden
h) It / not rain
g) You / not make dinner

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