30 de setembro de 2016

Atividade de inglês para 9º ano (presente simples)

Apostila com aulas prontas


Mrs. Garcia is a storekeeper. She gets up at half past seven every day and she opens the store at a quarter past nine. Miriam her assistant, arrives at  ten o´clock. Mrs. Garcia has lunch at  the Derby Café at half past two. Miriam brings sandwiches and she has lunch in the store. Mrs. Garcia closes the store at six o´clock and she goes home. She gets home at quarter to seven. 

Read and circle T (true)  F (false)

1. [   ] Mrs. Garcia opens the store at 8:45 a.m.
2. [   ] Miriam starts work at 10:00 a.m.
3. [   ] Mrs. García has lunch at her store 
4. [   ] Miriam has lunch at the Derby Café at 2:30
5. [   ] Mrs. Garcia leaves the store at 6:00 p.m 

6. What Does Miriam do?
a) a nurse                    
b) a storekeeper 
c) a teacher                 
d) a secretary 

7. What time does Mrs Gracia get home?
a) at quarter to seven          
b) at half past two 
c) at eight o´clock               
d) at quarter past nine

8. These are examples of verbs EXCEPT
a) gets up                    
b) closes
c) has                          
d) assistant

9. Another way of saying home is:
a) store                       
b) house
c) assistant                 
d) café 

10. The  meaning of quarter to seven is:
a) 7:15                    
b) 6:45
c) 15:07                  
d) 7:45

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